Why I Choose WordPress
    WordPress is a 100% free :P and open source blog Software and a Content Management System (CMS) depending on PHP and MySQL. It has Many Functions along with a plug-in Structure and a Design program and Theme option.  WordPress is currently the most well-known Blogging Platform on the Web. one of the important advantages of WordPress is that you are in control. installation is very simple, even non technical person can handle it ;) as is the configuration. unlike other device programs, in WordPress dozens of templates to edit simply to get your web site set up and looking the way in which you want.
    WordPress can do more than just running a blog. With the built in Pages function that you can create awesome pages for your website.Many websites you visit on each day are powered by WordPress. The content Management features constructed into WordPress make it straightforward to create pages and child pages. The best of both worlds A Website and Blogosphere. WordPress lets users create website online pages, and posts. it is extremely common now to have a company blog running along with a company website.
    facts about WordPress
    "Well, what do you estimate about the number of websites running on WordPress?? Any guesses?? No?? Okay then it is reported that WordPress runs over 66 million websites including some of the very well known web-sites on the web which includes CNN, NBC Sports, TED, TechCrunch, Forbes and many more giants. WordPress VIP runs many other major news media and publishers round the world."
    "There are now millions of people who are learning WordPress. Its said that 44 million installations were there of WordPress from WordPress.org in the year 2012. One strange thing to note about this fact is that it doesn’t include any automatic script downloads using Softaculous, Fantastico or any other scripts. Matt Mullenweg was impressed to a greater extent and during his “State of the Word” speech at Word Camp 2012 in San Francisco expressed his happiness on the number of downloads."